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Overview of ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic lace machine installation, ultrasonic lace machine features

Ultrasonic Lace Machine Overview Ultrasonic lace sewing machine, also known as ultrasonic lace machine, ultrasonic embossing machine, is a highly efficient sewing, embossing equipment. Mainly used for synthetic fabric seams, welding, melting cutting, embossing, etc., processed products with good water tightness, high efficiency, not sewing accessories, smooth burr-free cut surface melting, feel good. South LK ultrasonic lace sewing machine is widely used in clothing, toys, food, environmental non-woven bags, mask (cup-type masks, flat masks, three-dimensional masks, etc.) and other industries.
Ultrasonic lace machine installation 1 demolition package, check whether all parts of the device surface and signs of damage, check for loose screws, electrical connectors are locking parts are complete. (2) equipment should be placed on a flat hard ground, lace machine requires at least 0.5 meters away from heat sources, and to ensure that the lace machine before and after at least 1 meter, so at least 0.5 meters of space to operate. 3 check box back plate of the oscillation voltage requirements, and to ensure that the system is grounded. 4 to the power source and gas source connection, note that the power switch off first. Note that the voltage requirements of the machine: AC220V ,50-60Hz 5 and the air line connected to a clean source of compressed air without lubricant, rated working pressure of 0.6MPa.
Ultrasonic lace machine features: 1. Ultrasonic lace machine took a special alloy wheel welding head used materials, and by special heat treatment process, with a wear-resistant, long service life. 2. Lace machine operation without preheating can be continuous processing, speed, mass production, can be corner, processing does not smoke, sparks, do not harm fabric edge. 3. Ultrasonic lace sewing machine machine machine easy to operate, easy to understand, ordinary workers can operate a computer. 4. Use low-20KHZ ultrasonic noise, noise interference. 5. Ultrasonic lace machine directly to the various types of fabric for sewing, and for trimming, hole, stamped, so that the product once formed, no edges, no loose mouth. 6. Ultrasonic lace machine in various materials using ultrasound directly on the package side, stamping, pressing all kinds of graphics, depending on the fabric, the thickness regulating power. 7. Can be equipped with colored paper, gold paper park, when the pressure up to printed color, bronzing function. 8. Synthesis can be more than one unit dedicated machine to a complete width of the larger products, such as quilt, and umbrellas.


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